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The Working Group Human Capital of Water Europe is organizing a series of webinars to help you enhance your skills on human capital and skill development needed for the future of a water-smart society. The webinars are designed to provide quick, one-hour sessions that describe and discuss the most needed transformations, skill needs, and methodologies to support your development and that of the water sector.

Citizen engagement and participation, as well as creating awareness about water usage, are some of the most important transformations, skill needs, and methodologies that will be discussed in the first webinar of the series.

To stimulate citizen engagement and skill development, it is important to identify the key stakeholder groups and the skills required in the water sector. For instance, participating in such projects can help citizens develop more skills. The availability of technologies can also help spread knowledge and awareness about water usage.







WG Human Capital Webinar Series 2024 – Creating a year of Water Skills

Entrance & Welcome (10 min)
* Introduction by water Europe (2 minutes), Andrea Rubini
* Brief Introduction WGHC (2 minutes), Naomi Timmer
* Brief Introduction: Me, topic, why etc (2 minutes), Uchechi Obinna

Presentation (10 min):
Drinking water availability and security: citizen engagement as a way to reduce drinking water use, Uche (Leeuwarden case)
* Problem/Need: Climate change and drinking water availability and use/need to involve citizens, role of citizens in limiting drinking water use
* Goal: Raise awareness about the need and how to save water through active citizens participation
* Case study: 5 percent drinking water reduction project Leeuwarden, data collection on water use and activities
* Outcomes: Citizen engagement and increased awareness about water usage
* Follow-up

Presentation (10 min):
ECSA presentation

Connecting Knowledge and learning from each other (25 min)

Time for a conversation amongst guests (15 min)
Q&A public (10 min)
Closure (5 min)


  • Uchechi Obinna (Researcher at CEW - Centre of Expertise - Water Technology.)

    Uchechi Obinna

    Researcher at CEW - Centre of Expertise - Water Technology.

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  • Naomi Timmer (Director of EJWP - European Junior Water Programme)

    Naomi Timmer

    Director of EJWP - European Junior Water Programme

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  • Leo Mensel (Project officer at The European Citizen Science Association (ECSA))

    Leo Mensel

    Project officer at The European Citizen Science Association (ECSA)

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  • Andrea Rubini (Director of Operations at Water Europe)

    Andrea Rubini

    Director of Operations at Water Europe

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