Don't miss out on Water Innovation Europe 2024! Happening right after the European Elections, this year's edition of Water Innovation Europe 2024 is all about recognising the crucial role of water for bolstering the European economic competitiveness, and the urgent need for investments to prevent economic downturns due to water crises.

For the first time, the European Environment Agency recognises water as a cross-sectoral challenge in the first Climate Risk Assessment Report calling upon a comprehensive approach towards water-smart management, while the Letta report emphasises that utilities need investment to ensure water services. Similarly, nearly 70% of companies responding to a CDP survey acknowledged the business risks associated with water challenges.

In partnership with the EU Green Week, Water Europe kicks off its landmark event by addressing the socio-economic value of water with the publication of the new Water Europe's report. Following the joint letter of 30 organisations calling for the release of the Water Resilience Initiative and the EU Blue Deal of the European Economic and social Committee, we will also discuss the related risks and opportunities for the different economic actors.

The discussion will continue into the Gala Dinner, where innovative solutions will take centre stage with the presentation of five annual awards, offering a perfect opportunity for casual networking.

The second day focuses on the implementation of circular water solutions and unveils the second edition of the Living Labs atlas of Water Europe. The EU's approach must embody the principle of "more for less", as reiterated this month by the UN Water Report 2024. It is time to unlock water reuse!

Indeed, Research and Innovation play a key role in the European competitiveness and strategic autonomy, requiring collaborative instruments such as the Water-oriented living labs as well as circular processes to build a water-smart economy:

· How can we deploy and implement such innovative solutions?

· Which solutions are already on the market? In which ones do we need to invest?

Lastly you will be able to attend one of the three parallel sessions about the skills agenda in the water sector, nature-based solutions, and international water dialogue.

Join us as we strive to elevate water to the top of the next commission's priorities and achieve a Water-Smart Society in Europe!

The Agenda is coming soon !


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