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In January 2023, the new European drinking water legislation enters in force. It opens a new era by guaranteeing to citizens access to drinking water and information related to its quality. The legislation is also updated in line with the new technologies offering opportunities for digital control of water quality.

This example of legislation ensuring access to water for all at a continent level demonstrates the opportunities to recognise a human right to safe drinking water and sanitation. This process is still ongoing as Europe is encouraging circular processing for wastewater management.

There is an opportunity for a paradigm switch to achieve a Water-Smart Society in which digitalisation and the inclusion of new techniques are part of an agile quality control. A risk-based control will become the new standard in Europe, but it stresses some question: How can we go beyond a WASH-silo approach? How can we ensure this agile monitoring? Which examples can we collect?

As a member of the coalition Sanitation for all, Water Europe is committed to support the integration in the EU regulatory landscape access to sanitation and water for all. It is our societal responsibility to leave no one behind.

By taking the best examples and solutions from European market, the partners will support impact and the acceleration of the implementation of technology and projects, contributing to achieving SDG 6 and the 2030 Agenda. The side event partners will invite stakeholders from civil society, research community, public and private sector, and government to discuss how the community is taking actions to ensure safe drinking water.