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Biological diversity is vital for the proper functioning of ecosystems, contributing significantly to the delivery of essential services that sustain life on Earth. Life itself relies on access to clean water, pure air, fertile land, a robust ecosystem, and a climate suitable for living. Unfortunately, human activities, such as ecosystem degradation and climate change, are currently causing a decline in biodiversity across the globe, with variations in impact observed in different regions and among various species.

The ongoing rates of species extinction and the subsequent losses in global biodiversity are expected to worsen if current practices persist. Tackling this challenge requires comprehensive measures across all sectors. Notably, the water sector holds a pivotal position in efforts to reverse biodiversity loss, recognizing its crucial role in supporting life on Earth.

In this context, an upcoming seminar organized by ARSINOE and its sister projects, TRANSFORMAR, IMPETUS, and REGILIENCE, aims to unravel the complex effects of climate change on biodiversity. The seminar seeks to explore practical actions that stakeholders in the European water sector can take to effectively address biodiversity loss.

By focusing on critical systems such as biodiversity, and the way this is influenced by flooding, sea-level rise, droughts, water scarcity, heatwaves, and deforestation, ARSINOE aims to showcase a transformative three-tier approach through nine diverse showcases.

The panel of experts, drawn from ARSINOE and its sister projects, will share invaluable insights into their ambitious goals and experiences, offering a panoramic view of the ongoing efforts to mitigate the impact of climate change on biodiversity. The seminar is not just a discussion; it is a collective endeavour to foster collaboration, exchange knowledge, and ignite the spark of innovation needed to ensure the resilience and sustainability of our planet's rich tapestry of life.

This sixth seminar, titled "Exploring the Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity", will be supported by the Water Europe WG on Biodiversity, led by Sara Eeman (Aveco de Bondt) and Piia Leskinen (Turku University of Applied Science). It will feature an eminent panel of experts from the sister projects projects ARSINOE, TRANSFORMAR, IMPETUS and REGILIENCE, who will actively participate and provide valuable insights drawn from their extensive experience and the ambitious goals of these projects. Developing but also implementing and improving tools, together with action perspectives will increase ownership. This is needed to increase the availability of fit for purpose water for restoring biodiversity.

The Water Europe WG on Biodiversity brings together a multidisciplinary group of experts sharing the aim of mainstreaming deliberate and systematic consideration of biodiversity across all water sector activities. The WG wants to promote the dialogue between scientists, policymakers, businesses and local level actors to find new synergies and innovations in water management and biodiversity protection. The group aims to support national and European R&I ambitions and policies, as well as the achievement of the WE Vision for a Water-Smart Society.







Exploring the Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity

• Introduction to the Arsinoe Seminars Series and clustering activities (Andrea Rubini)
• How to act biodiversity inclusive within the water sector (Sara Eeman, Piia Leskinen)
• ARSINOE CS1: Using remote sensing and citizen science data to assess urban biodiversity for sustainable cityscapes: the case study of Athens, Greece (Chrysi Laspidou)
• TransformAR: TransformAR Westcountry Demonstrator Sites, NBS for Nutrient Mitigation, Climate Change Adaptation & Biodiversity Co-Benefits (Emily Widdecombe, Giles Rickard)
• IMPETUS: IMPETUS Supporting Reforestation and Biodiversity - A service to provide deforestation monitoring and restoration strategies (Stelios Manoudakis)
• ARSINOE CS6: Evaluating the resilience of biofiltration bacteria (Maria Paraschiv)
• Panel discussion and Q/A
• Wrap up and take aways (Andrea Rubini)



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